The Yellowstone National Park northern road is now open!

One mile from Yellowstone National Park!


The Beartooth wilderness is one of the most popular snowmobiling areas in the country. Most sledders stay in Cooke City, which is noisy and busy all winter long. If you’re looking for a quieter home base that still gives you direct access to the backcountry, Silver Willows Cabins are a great option.


You can ride your sleds down our driveway and turn onto the Bannock Trail, the only sledding route with access to Cooke City and the backcountry. This means you can get out into the backcountry for a fun day in the powder and then return to a quiet home base every evening. We are one of the few properties in Silver Gate that hosts snowmobilers, so you’ll enjoy a peaceful stay during your visit without sacrificing convenience. Both cabins have space for up to 24' trailers.


Winter residents in Silver Gate cherish the quiet, peaceful nature of our town compared to the relative busyness of Cooke City. Please respect our community and treat Silver Gate as a No Wake Zone (to borrow a boating term). This means quiet warmups, no excessive revving, and slow departures and arrivals at the beginning and end of each day.


We have plenty of parking at the cabins. Some sledders have fit up to four smaller trailers easily. However, our long, elevated driveway and the entrance to the cabin parking is flanked by pine trees. Keep this in mind — and your comfort driving in these situations — when booking your stay.


After speaking with past snowmobiling guests, we recommend trailers no larger than 24'. This is due to our long, elevated driveway and the ability to move through stands of trees on our property. For reference, this photo shows a Subaru Outback passing through the trees near Sarva Cabin.