Flooding Update


Historic flooding in the region has altered access to Yellowstone National Park and the surrounding communities.


Important Update: the national park service estimates the Northeast entrance will re-open to all tourist traffic by October 15, 2022!

On Sunday, June 12, 2022, a huge snowpack in the mountains was melted rapidly by torrential rains, causing catastrophic flooding around Yellowstone National Park.

While Silver Gate and Cooke City have survived mostly intact, the main roads through the park often used to access our community has been devastated by floodwaters. Crews are currently working to restore access between Gardiner and Livingston, but the northern park road from Gardiner to the northeast entrance will likely be inaccessible for the summer 2022 season.

Access to our cabins is currently available via the Chief Joseph Scenic Byway.


Our community is still assessing the damage as the floodwaters recede, but we are confident we can welcome guests in summer 2022. Recognizing that it is a fluid situation, we have relaxed our cancellation and refund policies in case changes to road access affect upcoming reservations.

Please review the Frequently Asked Questions below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Though Soda Butte Creek flooded and water approached the cabins, both structures appear to have survived unscathed. The bridge over Monument Avenue, which leads to the property, also survived the flood and is drivable.

Road and highway access has been restored to Silver Gate and Cooke City via the Chief Joseph and Beartooth highways. Access via Yellowstone’s northeast gate will be restored by October 15, 2022.

We are open for business!

Because we are facing many unknowns at this point, we will offer a full refund of your rental fee up until seven days prior to your scheduled check-in date.

Guests who keep their reservations for summer 2022 can opt to receive a 30% discount on our previously published rates for summer and autumn 2022. For new reservations, we have dropped summer and autumn 2022 rates approximately 30%.

As an alternative, guests can reschedule their stay for 2023 instead of canceling.

As road crews work to restore access, currently the only open road to Cooke City and Silver Gate is via the Chief Joseph Scenic Byway (Cody, WY) and the Beartooth Highway (Billings/Red Lodge, MT). Note that the Beartooth will close seasonally at its usual time in the fall.

The park service has announced that Yellowstone’s northeast entrance will re-open to all traffic by October 15, 2022.

At this time, foot and bicycle traffic has re-opened at the Northeast gate for a stretch of 6 miles into the park. Driving access is slated to resume October 15, 2022.

You can, however, drive to the Yellowstone east entrance via the Chief Joseph Scenic Byway, and still enjoy the southern part of the park. This is about a 2.5 hour drive each way.

As of now early August, the northern loop will only be fully accessible from the southern loop (East, West, South entrances), with limited guided access via the North entrance from Gardiner.

For more information, visit the Yellowstone Flood Recovery web page.

Yes, though – as always – we recommend guests stock up on major grocery supplies in larger towns such as Billings or Cody.

There is a lot to do near our cabins! Hiking, horseback riding, fishing, and ATV rentals are all available nearby. The Beartooth wilderness hosts much of the same wildlife that is found in Yellowstone and is famous for its beautiful scenery.

The town of Cody, WY and its rustic Wild West charm is only a couple of hours away. The McCullough Peaks wild horses are a short ways beyond that.

You will also enjoy a quieter setting, as the more limited access will keep typical larger tourist crowds away.

Yes! Moose, bison, bears, fox, and more are often seen right on our property.

Even if you can’t plan a trip to our area, there are several fundraising efforts underway to help our community that is so reliant on tourist income.

If you would like to support us directly outside of booking a stay, please consider buying photo prints or gifts from Max’s website.

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